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Dear all,

This is a web site specially created for 2nd year English & Education and International Relations and Tourism majors studying American English. Here you will be able to see your regular home assignments in the Home Assignments section (in case you happen to forget to write them down, or maybe miss a class or two due to illness or other unfortunate circumstances). 

In the Downloadable Files section you will find downloads of various class or homework materials in electronic format (when and if available) for your convenience, including some MP3 files for individual work. If you missed a class, you can visit the Class Materials and Extras page for any materials on our class discussion that may be available. We will post various news, announcements and links to helpful resources here.

Please feel free to post interesting links and pictures (the only requirement is that they not be rude or offensive), use the forum and chat to ask and answer questions and/or discuss whatever needs discussing with your classmates or teacher.

Learning English is a comprehensive process that involves a LOT more than our classroom time together. To a large degree your progress will depend on your time and energy investment and your commitment to learning and working regularly. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and/or comments.

Yours, sincerely

Dr. Ludmila M. Levina

Dr. Lidia V. Romanovskaya

Dr. Olga B. Lukmanova

Ms. Nadezhda Yu. Valyaeva

Ms. Guzel Kh. Sunagatullina

Ms. Alla V. Shilina 

Ms. Kate A. Filonova 

Примечание для заинтересованных родителей второкурсников направления подготовки  ТИМПИЯК и МО, обучающихся по программе американского английского: Если вас интересует успеваемость ваших детей или какие-то иные вопросы, связанные с их обучением в НГЛУ, вы всегда можете связаться с нами непосредственно через этот сайт или обратиться к нам по электронной почте: (Людмила Михайловна), (Лидия Валентиновна), (Ольга Борисовна)

Искренне ваши, 

Людмила Михайловна Левина

Лидия Валентиновна Романовская

Надежда Юрьевна Валяева

Ольга Борисовна Лукманова

Гузель Халилевна Сунагатуллина

Алла Владимировна Шилина

Екатерина Александровна Филонова



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